Home Health Care Glossary

This glossary is to help our home health care community better understand the terms used in relation to care. Please book mark this page for future reference or download our printable version HERE.

Elder Abuse Elder abuse refers to the mistreatment and/or harm to an elderly person by someone in a position of trust, such as a family member, spouse, friend, neighbor, or other professional or family caregiver.
Elder Care Services provided to the elderly at home, in residential or assisted living facilities, or in the community. These services may include health-related skilled nursing, rehabilitative therapies, and palliative care. Typically elder care is provided over an extended period of time to people who need another person’s assistance with activities of daily living.
End-of-life planning End-of-Life planning refers to the process of planning for health care in the final hours or days of a patient's lives. This refers more broadly to the planning of care for all those with a terminal illness or terminal condition that has become advanced, progressive, and incurable.