A Letter from Mark Baiada

Mark Baiada

As BAYADA approached its 30th anniversary, I realized that our company needed a clearer expression of what is most important about the work we do and the way we should work, in spirit and in action. I felt that our values, when more clearly expressed, would provide us with a powerful shared understanding and commitment to guide our daily work.

Since 1975, we have helped people at home and succeeded by following important, but unspoken, principles. I felt it was time to gather them together so that we as a group could be clearer about what we stood for in our work.

I searched for a way to find and express what is most important. I read about how other successful organizations addressed this need. I spoke with many people within and outside our company, and I thought about the matter a great deal. Then I met Dr. Al Freedman, because we care for his son, Jack. I read his article, “Welcome to Our Home” published in Caring Magazine, attended a workshop he led, and realized how close he was to the deepest feelings surrounding our work. I sensed a deep understanding of these issues and asked Dr. Freedman to work with me to find the answers to some important questions:

  • What does BAYADA stand for?
  • What does the company believe in? What are our values?
  • What are the special ingredients that makes BAYADA such a unique organization?

In answering those questions, we have defined The BAYADA Way.

The BAYADA Way expresses what is most critical to our work as home health care professionals.The BAYADA Way is our philosophy: a set of guideposts and beliefs articulated by the current generation of BAYADA home health care professionals, to be passed down to colleagues who carry on this important work in the future. Our goal is for The BAYADA Way to become a lasting legacy, rooted in the highest ideals and standards for the profession of home care.

The BAYADA Way is the light that shines within each one of us — a spirit that connects us to each other, a spirit bigger than ourselves. This spirit brings meaning to our lives and to our work, and brings us together for the higher purpose of providing support and care to people in need.

I believe that at the heart of BAYADA Home Health Care are professionals who are motivated, honest, and happy in their work and who demonstrate compassion, excellence, and reliability. At the heart of our organization are professionals who put their clients’ needs first. At the heart of our work are people who take the time to listen, make connections, and develop relationships with clients and colleagues. And, perhaps most importantly, at the heart of BAYADA are people who show love.

Thank you for joining me in celebrating The BAYADA Way.

Mark Baiada Signature
J. Mark Baiada
Founder and Chairman

Our company philosophy, The BAYADA Way expresses the values and beliefs that have been the foundation of our work since 1975. The words of The BAYADA Way come directly from our clients and their families, and our employees. We believe that our clients come first and our employees are our greatest asset.

Medical or non-medical services that safely support people in the comfort of home.