Read BAYADA Home Health Care Employee Testimonials

Advocating for the client who feels defeated, providing a much needed break for a family who has tirelessly provided care for years, and most importantly, for receiving the priceless gifts of gratitude & humility through interactions with my clients...these are the reasons why I absolutely LOVE what I do.

– Alexis Miller, RN, BSN, CM, Clinical Nurse Manager, 2.5 years

Alexis Miller, Clinical Nurse Manager for BAYADA

I love what I do because I love helping our clients defy the odds from the comfort of their homes. I love seeing their smiles, being a part of their growth and achievements. And mostly, I love what they give me—a sense of appreciation of the world from the heart and eyes of a child, teaching me to live in and cherish every moment, and to never take anything for granted!

– Apryl Gonzales, RN, Luzerne County, PA Pediatrics (LUZ)

I love what I do because I truly care about the clients. The fulfillment goes far beyond any salary. The respect that my children have for the work I’ve done is so rewarding. So many people depend on the aides, family members that work need you there on time. Clients that are bedbound. I CAN GO ON AND ON. I really miss it. Sometimes just going in with the right spirit... and a smile means so much to the clients.

– Mary Kelly, Administrative Assistant, previously an HHA, 25 years

Mary Kelly, Administrative Assistant for BAYADA

If you really love what you are doing, you never have to work another day in your life. Coming out of retirement, that has been my experience for almost 13 years as a field nurse and then a CM in the LBA office. Thankful for expert and capable leadership and a team that believes and lives The Bayada Way.

– Lucille Sutton, RN, Clinical Nurse Manager, 2 years as a field nurse and 10+ years as a CM

Lucille Sutton, Clinical Nurse Manager for BAYADA

I love making a difference in a client’s life and giving them the best care I can. Their happiness and comfort is what keeps me going in this field.

– Shauntay Pounder, HHA, New York, NY Assistive Care

I love what I do because having a very ill or disabled child is an extremely difficult, time consuming and exhausting job, and I love knowing that because I am, in my case, there overnight, parents can relax a little, sleep without worry, and have time and peace of mind to give the other children in the family their attention. And I love that I am told how appreciated I am.

– Kathleen Quinn-Farber, LPN, Downingtown, PA (DOW)

I love being a habilitation technician, helping and caring for those who cannot take care of themselves. I love being involved in the lives of those who need the care and time that I can give them. BAYADA thank you for letting me be a part of your team.

– Donna Voce Young, Habilitation Technician, Habilitation PA (HPA)

I love what I do and the company I work for because nowhere else have I had the opportunity to not only care for someone when they are sick or unable to care for themselves but also can enjoy the smiles when they’re able to play or something makes them happy or a hug from a family member thanking you for helping to take care of your client so they can keep them at home to enjoy the smiles or laughter of their child. Thank you, BAYADA.

– Carol Presnell Overton, LPN, Greensboro, NC Pediatrics (GRP)