The BAYADA Way: Published Articles

Each of the following published articles has its own unique place in the history of The BAYADA Way.

Connecting with the Heart of Home Care:
The BAYADA Way Project, Ten Years Later

(CARING Magazine, June 2012)
By Mark Baiada and Albert Freedman, PhD
More than ten years have passed since we started our journey. What have we learned about our special purpose and our vision for the future? Jack Freedman also shares what home health care means from a client’s perspective.

What It Means to Care

(CARING Magazine, June 2007)
By Albert Freedman, PhD
Dr. Freedman welcomes everyone back to his home to discuss the one critical ingredient that sets some professionals apart from others. With it, relationships are immediately strengthened. Without it, building trust is next to impossible.

Finding the Heart of Home Care: The BAYADA Way Project

(CARING Magazine, October 2005)
By Mark Baiada and Albert Freedman, PhD
Through a series of focus groups, overnight retreats, written surveys, and feedback sessions, clear themes emerge and The BAYADA Way is formalized into words. What are the ideals and principles at the heart of home health care?

Home Care and September 11: Connecting with Our Clients in Times of Uncertainty An Interview with Mark Baiada and Albert Freedman

(CARING Magazine, October 2003)
By Carol A. Trueman and James E. Murray
What similarities exist between the fear and uncertainty of the nation after September 11 and the feelings of families caring for medically fragile child when the health of a family member changes abruptly? Mark Baiada and Albert Freedman discuss the parallels.

Searching for the Heart of Home Care: The BAYADA Way Project

(CARING Magazine, May 2003)
By Mark Baiada and Albert Freedman
Mark Baiada and Dr. Freedman begin the journey to reconnect with the true purpose of our work as health care professionals. The search begins by inviting everyone associated with BAYADA to answer some very important questions.

Welcome to Our Home: an Open Letter to Home Care Professionals

(CARING Magazine, June 2001)
By Albert Freedman, PhD
bayada way logoIn this letter, Dr. Freedman encourages home health care professionals to take the time to get to know their patients as people. After reading this letter, Mark Baiada realized how deeply Dr. Freedman understood the meaning and purpose of our work.