Home Health Care Glossary

This glossary is to help our home health care community better understand the terms used in relation to care. Please book mark this page for future reference or download our printable version HERE.

Incapacity A mental, physical, temporary, or permanent inability to manage one’s own affairs. Can also be defined as a legal disqualification “ subject to incapacity.”
Incontinence An inability to control urination and/or bowel movements.
Independent retirement housing Any housing arrangement designed exclusively for the elder community, generally those 55 and over.
Infusion therapy Administration of essential nutrients, fluids, electrolytes, medication, blood, or blood products directly to the blood stream. This includes but is not limited to specific therapies such as antibiotics, diuretics, pain control medications, or chemotherapy.
Intermittent care Skilled nursing and home health aide services provided for up to 28 hours per week, any number of days per week, so long as they are less than 8 hours per day.