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41st annual BAYADA Regatta

Saturday, September 14th, 2024

9 AM - 3 PM

Temple University Boathouse

2400 Kelly Drive, Philadelphia, PA 19129

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Rower, boat, and race classification

Please read all information thoroughly, including all rules and regulations.

This is a USRowing officiated and sanctioned rowing event for athletes with a physical impairment, therefore USRowing Para (FISA) Rules for competition are used in the BAYADA Regatta.

Resources - USRowing

BAYADA Sport Classes for Athlete Eligible (verifiable and permanent) Impairments

BAYADA Regatta Sport Classes

  • PR1: Physical Impairment. This sport class is for athletes who row predominately with their arms and shoulders. Athletes use strapping around their mid section to provide support and stability in the boat.
  • PR2: Physical Impairment. This sport class is for rowers who have trunk and arm movement, who are unable to use their legs to propel the sliding seat.
  • PR3: Physical Impairment (PR3-PI) or Visual Impairment (PR3-VI) This sport class is for rowers who have the use of their legs, trunk and arms, who can utilize the sliding seat.
  • II1: Intellectual Impairment. Documented full scale IQ score of 75 or lower (on WAIS, WISC, Stanford Binet) with significant limitations in at least one domain area of adaptive behavior (Vineland, ABAS, or AAMR) onset before age 22.

The following classifications may be allowed to compete on a limited basis. BAYADA Regatta Race Committee must review and approve all entries in the categories below. No self-classification is accepted:

  • II3: High functional autism (autism diagnosis with IQ score of 76 or higher)
  • PR3-RA: Requires accommodation. Cannot safely row a single shell independently. Must be approved through USRowing, Athletes Without Limits or Freedom Rows.

Rower classification information

Athlete sport classification status

All athletes competing in the BAYADA Regatta with a physical impairment must have an official U.S. or International sport classification. Paperwork is due 30 days prior to classification for review (July 15). Email to: [email protected]

USRowing Para Classification Information

Medical Documentation Form for Physical Impairment (REQUIRED)

Medical Documentation Form for Visual Impairment

FISA Para-rowing Classification

Athletes with a Visual Impairment must be assessed, and medical document signed by an ophthalmologist (only). Paperwork (Form- VI Impairment) must be emailed to [email protected] and the athlete is not required to attend an Athlete Classification session.

Athletes with a Physical Impairment who require classification must email their paperwork (Form - Physical Impairment) and supporting medical documentation to [email protected] for review of the eligible impairment 30 days prior to the event (July 15). The Classification is performed by a U.S. Medical and Technical Classification Panel and takes approximately 45 min. Athlete Classification is scheduled by appointment the Friday before the BAYADA Regatta at the host hotel. Please email the Regatta Chief Classifier to confirm a time slot: [email protected].

Athletes with an Intellectual Disability (ID) must be listed on the Master Classified Athlete List - As this is a lengthy process it is recommended the athlete begin this process a minimum of 6 months prior to competition.

Event Groupings

Class consolidation and averaging Rowers without competition in their class will be moved into the next higher class as determined by the regatta committee. There must be a minimum of two entries per race for an event to take place. Entries without competition in their division will be moved into the other division, as determined by the regatta committee. In the event of two differently classified rowers in one boat, the boat will be entered into the higher classed event (i.e. a PR2 and a PR3 rower in the same boat will be entered into an PR3 event). In the event of male and female rowers in the same boat, unless the race is specifically a mixed event, the boat will be entered into a male event.

Regatta Equipment Availability

In keeping with para-rowing tradition, every effort is made to have equipment available to all rowers. However, we cannot guarantee availability of specific rigging. In the event that preferred equipment is not available or in the event of a shortage and substitutions must be made, the dock master will have the final decision.

Para-rowers will have first pick of equipment over non-disabled rowing partners. We ask that visiting teams bring their own equipment, as we have a limited amount at Philadelphia Para-Rowing. All visiting teams are asked to make their equipment available to the other rowers.

Equipment information

In keeping with the standardization process of competition, the BAYADA Regatta will use a universal Boat Type Classification system. Your coach can help you determine which boat class you will be competing in. Some boats are provided, but it is best to bring your own boats and equipment.

The following are the boat type classifications used in the BAYADA Regatta:

BOAT TYPE 1: Primarily used in recreational events, type 1 boats are typically for novice rowers who are competing in their first regatta, or generally compete only once a year. All competitors must row in Alden Ocean Shells or the equivalent.

BOAT TYPE 3: Primarily used in para-rowing events, type 3 boats are for more competitive rowers who compete more than once a year and/or have competed in multiple regattas. These rowers must adhere to strict FISA requirements especially in regard to required equipment adaptations. All competitors must row in WinTech, Swift, Alden Star, Filippi or the FISA approved equivalent.

Distances and Races Selection

The following are the race designations for the BAYADA Regatta:

1x (single) para rowing scull: one para rower

  • 1000m para rowing
    • For PR3-VI rower, they must have an accompanying guide boat for safety
  • 500m novice

2x (double) para rowing scull: two para rowers

  • 1000m para rowing (both rowers are classified para rowers PR1, PR2, PR3-PI, PR3-VI*, II1*
    • *For safety reasons, if a boat consists of two PR3-VI rowers or two II1 rowers, these boat lineups must be approved by the BAYADA Regatta Race Committee
    • 2x (double) inclusive skull: one able-bodied rower and one para rower
    • * The stroke of the able-bodied partner must match the stroke of the para rower throughout the duration of the race or the boat and rowers will be disqualified.
  • 1000m inclusive (able-bodied rowing partner in bow)
  • 500m novice inclusive (class 1 Alden Ocean Shell boats only)

4+ para rowing sweep: one coxswain and four para rowers

  • 1000m para rowing (all rowers are classified para rowers PR3-PI, PR3-VI, II1 with no more than 2 male rowers)
    • This event must have an entire crew who has rowed together for at least 50 miles

Distances and Races Selection

  • All para-rowing and inclusive races will be 1000m.
  • All novice races are 500m.
  • When signing up for more than one race, you must leave at least two races between your picks.
  • Times of races have not yet been determined; however, race director and dock masters will make every attempt to accommodate all requests.
  • We do not guarantee that rowers will compete more than one time.

Limits of Novice and Inclusion Races

  • This is a para-rowing event. Recreational and Inclusion races are offered to only those participants that are physically unable or do not demonstrate the skill to row in a single shell or with another adaptive athlete. They must row with a non-disabled partner.
  • Support and Inclusion rowers are not permitted to participate in para events.

Time Limits and Race Schedule

Participants are responsible to know their race times. Race times will be available during the Jolly-Up the night before the BAYADA Regatta. Races will not be delayed and could be earlier than scheduled. An entry may be scratched due to rower tardiness.

Rowers must be near the dock 60 minutes prior to race time.

Dock and Staging Area Access

For safety reasons, due to the number of participants and equipment, access to the boat dock and boat staging area (“rowing area”) is for rowers and volunteers only. Family members are not permitted in the rowing area.

Rowers must be near the dock 60 minutes prior to their race time.

For more information, please email Sandy Brown at [email protected]

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