Pediatric Simulation Training Lab: Real-life Learning in a Simulated Environment

What is clinical simulation-based training?

Simulation lab training takes place in a lab setting with a state-of-the art, fidelity pediatric manikins. These manikins can simulate real-life emergencies as well as daily care needs, giving users the opportunity to learn, practice, and enhance their clinical skills.

Why is this important for BAYADA Pediatrics professionals?

Pediatric nurses work one-on-one with patients in the home setting, so high-level training is essential to support critical thinking and decision making. BAYADA Pediatrics is the leader in offering this training that is typically only available only in a hospital setting. It also gives nurses from a hospital setting the opportunity to learn how to work with pediatric clients in a home setting.

Why is this important for BAYADA Pediatrics families?

Families can feel confident that their BAYADA Pediatrics Nurse is thoroughly trained to effectively respond to emergency situations if they arise. Families are also encouraged to learn and practice their own care skills in the lab prior to discharge from the hospital or at any time.

Click here to download a PDF flyer about the BAYADA Pediatrics Simulation Training Lab. (pdf PDF download)

“I loved my SIM training because it allowed me to experience authentic urgent scenarios within a safe environment. I practiced my nursing and strategic thinking skills as well as my emotional response to the situation, giving me more confidence. I feel more confident now that I’ve had the opportunity to practice and test my ability to think through challenging situations.”
—Pediatric Nurse, Krista Davis

  • video of simulation lab introduction
  • video of a simulation lab demonstration