A Trusted Partner
for High-Quality
Post-Acute Care

A Trusted Partner for High-Quality Post-Acute Care

Ensure seamless patient transitions to home, better outcomes, and strong financial performance with BAYADA

This is a pivotal time in health care. Roughly 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day in the United States, 81 million people have multiple chronic conditions, and evolving reimbursement models are creating powerful pressures to decentralize post-acute care.

At the same time, expectations of a more patient-centric system are stronger than ever. There is a universal human need to live at home—it’s where patients recover and thrive best. A seamless transition to home, as well as a successful recovery that meets the best outcomes, is crucial in today’s complex health care landscape.

Who can health systems and hospitals trust to ensure that continuity of quality care, delivered in a value-based way?

Who can provide the operational expertise, clinical excellence, commitment to reliability and quality—supported by an unwavering mission—that ensures the safe, efficient, and successful transitions your patients need? Let BAYADA do it for you, and with you.

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A Culture of Compassion, Excellence, and Reliability

For 44 years, BAYADA has offered both the clinical skills and critical mass to deliver best-in-class home health care services for even the most complex patients, 24/7. From specialty-trained nurses to home health care professionals to a multitude of support staff, BAYADA’s more-than-26,000 employees are ready, committed, and able to ensure the positive outcomes that you and your patients need. With The BAYADA Way as a foundation, our clinicians truly love what they do. In fact, more than 80% of clients would recommend BAYADA to friends or family members.

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Elevating Our Shared Mission

Our mission as a non profit allows us to partner with health systems who share our vision and values. But that harmony can go even deeper to create a lasting legacy of care. No matter how complex your (or your patient’s) situation, we can create a custom solution comprised of the right clinical and operational services. And we can accommodate any payment and delivery models. The result is not only better clinical outcomes, but better financial ones as well.

Specialized Care Offerings

Every patient is unique, and our clinicians are trained to meet those unique needs and populations. Children. Adults. Seniors. From the most complex, high-tech care to compassionate personal care services, BAYADA has both the expertise and experience you can rely on. Whether it’s core services like home health, hospice, pediatrics, and personal care, or advanced health management capabilities like palliative care, Hospitalist @ Home programs, or medication management, BAYADA is there for your patients.

A Focus on Clinical Excellence and Outcomes

BAYADA is fully accredited for excellence by CHAP, the leading accrediting organization for the home health care industry. The care we provide for your patients meets or exceeds the highest professional, ethical, and safety standards in the industry. Our commitment to expanding and improving the clinical skills that our clinicians and caregivers bring to your patients includes initiatives like our nurse residency programs, our 80+ simulation labs across the country, and our scholarships for professional development. We never stop trying to give you and your patients better outcomes through industry-leading training of those who deliver care.

Value-Based and Compliant

The post-acute compliance and regulatory environment is a moving target. Keeping up can get expensive. BAYADA has a proven ability to drive profitable growth for health system partners or to build a community-based network from the ground up — all while maintaining laser focus on compliance and regulatory requirements.

Powerful Platforms that Provide Insights at Scale

We have over 360 offices in 23 states and 6 countries, all on a single, peerless operational platform that will enable your leaders to gain real-time insights into the key performance metrics that drive clinical, operational, and financial success. After working with our technology and operations platform, you will wonder how you ever ran your home health care operations without us.

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As a trusted and reliable partner with several health care systems, BAYADA has the experience and expertise to create mutually successful relationships. Contact BAYADA at (856) 382-8088 or through our form to take the first step toward making your post-acute care practice more efficient and less costly.

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