Paying for Services

Depending on the services provided, patients may have a few options for paying for care.

Long-term care insurance

Seniors, 65 and over, are eligible for public long-term care insurance, but many are unaware of this benefit. We can assist you in applying for coverage so you can take full advantage of it. Home care services covered under long-term care insurance include:

  • Home visit care: Bathing, going to the bathroom, changing clothes, washing hair, cooking, shopping, light housecleaning
  • Home visit nursing: IV therapy, wound care, patient education, care consultation
  • Home visit bathing: A care helper provides bathing assistance
  • Short-term respite care: Occasional or short-term care for a client while their normal caregiver is unavailable. It can be for as little as a few hours or as long as several days.

Private pay

We can provide hourly rates for our care services and help patients establish a convenient payment schedule.

Pharmaceutical company reimbursements

For patients enrolled in drug clinical trials, all fees for care services will be reimbursed by the pharmaceutical company administering the trial.

Contact us to find out what payment options are best for you.