Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Care

A pioneer in rehabilitative care at home

In 1998, BAYADA was the first home care provider to develop a specialized in-home rehabilitative nursing program to care for individuals with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and spinal cord injuries (SCIs). Led by a team of Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurses (CRRNs), our nationally recognized BAYADAbility program is still the only one of its kind in home care. In the past eight years, more than 1700 individuals with TBIs and SCIs have chosen BAYADA for their in-home rehabilitation and care.

Receiving specialized, expert care after a brain or spinal cord injury is incredibly important for achieving the highest level of recovery. At the hospital immediately following an injury and again at a rehabilitation facility, you have access to specialists—neurologists, therapists, and other experts with experience and in-depth knowledge about injuries like yours. At BAYADA, we believe you should have that same level of specialized, expert care at home, too.

Specialized nurses can provide specialized care

Many home care providers offer general nursing and personal care services for clients with TBIs and SCIs. BAYADA’s care is different. At the core of our BAYADAbility rehabilitative specialty care is our dedicated team of CRRNs who have in-depth knowledge and experience caring for individuals with catastrophic injuries. These experts are always available to provide guidance, training, and support to the clinical managers, nurses, and aides who are caring for our clients with TBIs and SCIs.

This unique approach to rehabilitative home care means that our nurses and caregivers have the experience, resources, and training to truly understand our clients’ needs—both physical and psychological. From providing tracheostomy and ventilator care, to offering support and education, to being a consistent source of motivation and encouragement, BAYADA Nurses and Aides bring expert care and peace of mind to our clients and their families.

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Expert care can prevent complications and hospitalization

Acute and chronic secondary complications are real concerns for individuals with a catastrophic injury because they can lead to unexpected hospitalizations. For example, people with spinal cord injuries are at higher risk of urinary tract infections and pressure wounds, and individuals dependent on ventilators have a higher risk of respiratory infections. BAYADA caregivers are specially trained to provide care that is both attentive and proactive, helping to prevent these complications as much as possible, keeping our clients healthy and at home.

Trusted by world-class institutions for continued rehabilitation at home

Because we offer a level of brain and spinal cord injury care that is unmatched by other home care providers, many of the nation’s leading rehabilitation hospitals routinely recommend BAYADA to their patients.

“When our patients are ready to go home, we feel confident in referring them to BAYADA. Their approach, their philosophy, their expertise, and their years of experience helping individuals with spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries set them apart. We trust BAYADA to keep up the high standard of care our patients deserve, and know BAYADA will keep them on the path to the best rehabilitation possible.”

—Remi Ojumu, Case Manager, Magee Rehabilitation Hospital

As a trusted health partner at many rehabilitation facilities, BAYADA has onsite transitional care experts available full-time to meet with you in your hospital room and answer your questions about continuing your rehabilitation at home. If you are currently at one of these facilities with onsite BAYADA Transitional Care support, talk to your discharge planner about arranging a visit.