Health Care Costs: We’re In This Together

Health benefits can keep you healthy and help protect you from big medical bills. But let’s be honest, the cost of health care coverage, not to mention the cost of getting medical care, is expensive.

In fact, for many of our employees, having health care coverage seems like something they can’t afford. This means living with untreated medical conditions, lost wages due to sick time, and the fear that a serious illness or accident could cause huge debt. As a company devoted to improving the quality of life for our clients, we want to create a different experience for our employees.

While we can’t control all the factors that affect the cost of health care coverage and the price of care, we can all make choices that matter.

What BAYADA can do

Continue to offer affordable medical options:

  • The Minimum Coverage and Enhanced Minimum Coverage plans meet the government requirement for health care coverage, while offering valuable preventive care services and peace of mind for you and your family.
  • The High Deductible Health Plan covers preventive care and other services with a lower weekly premium.

What we all can do

  • Improve our lifestyles. Take steps to make better food choices, get regular exercise, get more sleep, don’t use tobacco, and limit alcohol use.
  • Change how we use health care services: get preventive care checkups every year, use in-network doctors, ask for generic drugs, and research cost-effective providers for tests and treatments.
  • Learn more about health care: ask doctors why a certain test, procedure, or treatment is needed to help reduce over-treatment/testing and remove some of the inefficiencies in the system.
  • Choose wisely during enrollment and as a new hire or when newly eligible for benefits—making sure that we have health coverage through BAYADA or elsewhere.

What's out of our control

  • Cost of medical goods, services, and drugs.
  • Lots of other factors that create a complex and costly care delivery system.