Presenters Profile

Event and Ann Baiada Award Recipient Introductions

Chief Clinical Officer Jennifer Sheets, MSN, RN, joined BAYADA in May 2016. She provides leadership and support to Marie Blessington and the Clinical Standards and Leadership (CSL) team in Moorestown, NJ. In her role, she assists in determining clinical guidelines and procedures, as well as growth and development opportunities that impact all clients and clinicians. Her mission is to inspire the clinical staff and support better hiring, training, and other ongoing development to ensure they have the necessary capabilities to support achieving the company mission, vision, and values. Jennifer started her health care career as a transplant ICU nurse and has experience in clinical, operational, and sales leadership roles. Thanks to key previous roles, including hospital CEO, hospital chief clinical officer, and senior vice president of clinical operations at a large national home health and hospice organization, she has unique perspective and experience across the health care continuum. Jennifer currently resides in Dallas, TX with her family.

Chief Nursing Officer, Marie Blessington, RN, has been with BAYADA for 24 years. She transitioned from director of clinical leadership and development to CNO in January 2015. She is familiar with all state scopes, laws, and codes of conduct. One of her key responsibilities involves assisting the leaders in the organization with making decisions about breaches in professional practice and conduct. She is involved in committees devoted to examining quality care, such as the Sentinel Event Committee and Project Assure. She leads BAYADA’s Clinical Quality Assurance efforts while also directing our Clinical Standards and Leadership (CSL) office.

Livin', Laughin', and Learnin'... Through the Years!

Barbara Bancroft, RN, MSN, PNP, has provided more than 2200 continuing education events on topics pertaining to pathophysiology, physical assessment, and pharmacology to health care professionals throughout the United States and Canada. She has been the motivational keynote speaker on health maintenance topics for numerous nursing associations as well as for corporate groups and events. She has held faculty positions at the University of Virginia, the University of Arkansas, Loyola University of Chicago, and St. Xavier University of Chicago. She has provided courses on advanced pathophysiology, pharmacology and physical assessment to graduate and undergraduate students. Barb is a fascinating and highly informative speaker whose dynamic presentation style makes learning enjoyable. She provides a wealth of clinical information that can be applied to daily practice.

Team Stepps 3: Stepping It up!

Director of Legal Services, Nori Fey, Esq., works directly on a day-to-day basis with adverse incidents and client safety issues, bridging the connection between the LS office and clinical managers. Nori is passionate about providing client safety and providing our clinical managers with more communication and teamwork tools. This led Nori and others within BAYADA, including her co-presenter Sharon Driscoll, to become TeamSTEPPS Master Trainers!

Director, Sharon Driscoll, RN CCRN, is a certified Rehabilitation Nurse with more than 40 years of nursing experience, mostly in rehabilitation nursing. Sharon has worked for our Clinical Standards and Leadership (CSL) office for the more than 10 years and has served as director in that office for most of that time. She works closely with LS and our practices to evaluate and follow up on high risk-incident data and heads the Fall Prevention Program. Sharon became a TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer in 2012 and has been working to develop amd implement TeamSTEPPS methodologies for practice at BAYADA.

Reclaiming Your Joy as a Clinical Leader (Without Working, Eating, or Drinking More!)

Ron Ross, masters of leadership, OD, BS, and CPCC, has dedicated his career to developing others. For more than 19 years, he has developed professionals in consulting, information technology, financial services and health care organizations He has a reputation of being a dynamic and engaging speaker, delivering thoughtful information mixed with a heavy helping of his trademark enthusiasm and a dash of humor. Fueled by a desire to learn more and make a greater difference, Ron went back to school and completed his masters degree in organization development and leadership in the spring of 2015. Additionally, Ron is a certified leadership coach who works one-on-one with leaders at all levels in health care to make them more effective. Ron's philosophy is simple: balanced and healthy people make the best leaders.

Barbara Springs, RN, BSN, has worked with diverse populations through international humanitarian aide organizations and has witnessed the incredible resiliency that humans can achieve to overcome difficulty. She has been a registered nurse for 18 years. She has worked in the role of clinical manager for BAYADA, and understands the demanding pace and great responsibility the job entails. She has been a service office director and director of clinical operations for our Home Health Specialty Practice, and currently serves as an office director for Home Care. Barbara is passionate about helping managers develop skills that allow them to find the joy of helping others learn and grow while maintaining their own life balance. She believes that while happiness depends on circumstance, joy comes from deep within and is fed by our individual sense of self awareness and personal growth.

Health Coaching: A Partnership Modeling Gaining Momentum

Allison Sterner, RN, RHC, is a registered health coach: expert level. Her experience includes providing staff and community education on various topics, including the partnership model, motivational interviewing, and health coaching. Allison currently serves as a member of the Home Health Clinical Practice Team and participates on multiple clinical advisory groups to review best practice guidelines for disease and operations specific management.

Ready for Independent Practice? Coupling Adult Learning with High-Fidelity Simulation to Determine Competence and Confidence

John Morris, RN, BS, CSLI, is the associate director for BAYADA’s Adult Simulation Lab (ASL) based in Charlotte, NC. A former US Coast Guard medic, he holds a double bachelor’s in kinesiology and nursing as well as a certification in wilderness first aid. His prior experience includes level-1 trauma/neurological ICU; emergency department; ICU float, home health, clinical management, AHA, BLS, ACLS, and PALS faculty instructor; clinical editor for Elsevier’s nursing skills database; and paramedic examiner. He has trained nearly 20,000 people in basic life support and more than 1,000 nurses and caregivers in adult tracheostomy and ventilation care using high–fidelity simulation, leading to his enthusiasm about its potential as an outstanding tool for learning competence and confidence in a perceived- risk environment.

Managing the Expectations of Excellence

Clinical Instructor Jill Carlson, RN, BSN, graduated from Iowa Wesleyan College in 2000. She began her career in labor and delivery, and quickly moved through the ranks. She assisted with the opening of Des Moines, IA’s first free-standing birth center. While managing the birth center, Jill assisted in obtaining the center’s certificate of need, licensure, and accredidation from the Comission for the Accredidation of Birth Centers (CABC). As she moved through her career, she held several other management positions. Jill joined BAYADA's Minneapolis Adult office in March of 2015. Her love for helping people where they are most comfortable drove her to step out of her own comfort zone and learn more about skilled private duty nursing and the specific skills needed to work with tracheostomy and ventilator-dependent clients. Through her dedication to excellence, Jill became a permanantly coded adult tracheostomy and ventilation nurse while learning the ins and outs of the clinical management position.

Population Health Management

Mandeep Mangat, MD, MPH, is a physician and public health professional. She leads Population Health Management initiatives for our Home Health Specialty Practice. She has more than 15 years of extensive clinical and administrative experience in hospital medicine, clinical operations, population health, and operational efficiency improvement in both national and international settings. Her interests include outcomes management, results-driven continuous improvement, and multilevel determinants of population health. She received her medical degree from Saint Petersburg Medical Academy, masters degree in public health degree with a focus in healthcare administration from West Chester University and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from Villanova University. She is an active member of American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), and the Lean Healthcare Exchange and Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI).

Sharon Vogel, AB, MBA, is the current Director of the Hospice Services Office (HOS), the support arm of BAYADA's hospice practice. Sharon supports BAYADA's national hospice operations across the four pillars of people, quality, growth, and finance. She earned her bachelors of arts in economics at the University of Chicago and masters of business administration in healthcare management and strategy from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Sharon's passion for palliative and end-of-life care infuses the topic with life. She is pleased to have the opporutnity to engage in lively discussions on palliative care and dismiss some of the common myths associated with it. Sharon hopes that each of you walk away with a better understanding of palliative care and how it is a key driver of value in our health care system.

Director of Clinical Leadership Development Tyke Ingram, RN,BSN,CRRN, has been with BAYADA for 16 years. She has worked for the Clinical Standards and Leadership (CSL) office for the last 10 years. Previously, she worked as a field clinician, clinical manager, and as a clinical support specialist providing mentoring to more than 100 clinical leaders. In her current role, she collaborates with the practices, providing mentoring oversight as well as the designing and delivery of White Cap, White Shoes, Welcome, and coaching programs.

Kristin Rich, RN,MBA, LNC is a proven leader in the hospice Industry. With more than 25 years serving in senior leadership roles in national, multistate organizations, she has been instrumental in guiding companies through the changing end-of-life care environment. Kristin has been active in the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organizaton and is currently serving on the national regulatory and clinical education conference planning committtees. She has spent her career helping hospice clinicans and patients learn about care at the end of life.

Technology to the Rescue

Elizabeth Coyle, PT, DPT, is a physical therapist who has been with BAYADA for 13 years, in our Home Health Specialty Practice. She currently serves as clinical educator for our Desert Star and Ocotillo divisions with the principle duty of providing a four-day regional, virtual orientation program across eight offices in the west. Betsy has incorporated technology into her daily practice, and is continuing to explore full capabilities for the benefit of each of the offices she serves. Cross-practice collaboration has allowed Betsy to further share the benefits of technology, reaching more employees and equipping staff for success.

Tameki Mongo, MSN, RN, COS-C, is a clinical educator and has been with BAYADA since 2010, and has been a nurse since 2004. Her background includes work in adult trauma, orthopedic, telemetry, and medical-surgical settings. She has held roles as a home health field nurse, clinical manager, and clinical educator at BAYADA. Tameki currently supports our Firewheel and Shooting Star divisions as a clinical educator. Tameki has been in her current role for one-and-a-half years.

David Rust, PT, has been a PT for 32 years. He has more than 20 years of home care experience, in addition to experience as a national surveyor. Dave uses the BAYADA-approved video conferencing system known as Zoom to provide classroom onboarding to all new employees in the Camellia Division in Maryland from his home office in southwest Florida! Dave can reach out to multiple people in multiple offices at one time, providing face-to-face interactions. Zoom saves both tons of time and airfare expense!

10 Essential Time Management Hacks for Nurses

Karen Teeley, RN, MSN, AHN-BC, CNE worked at BAYADA from 1997 through May 2016. She has worked for both service and support office. Most recently, she served in our Learning, Development and Talent Management office (LDT). Karen is an experienced home care nurse and currently is an associate professor in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences at Simmons College in Boston.