A Customized Plan of Care for Your One-of-a-kind Child

No two children are alike, so no one-size-fits-all plan of care is appropriate for your child. That’s why our clinical managers - who are also registered nurses - work closely with you, your child’s physicians, and other care team members to develop a plan that is customized to your child’s unique needs, situation, and goals.

Prior to starting care, a BAYADA Pediatrics Clinical Manager meets with you to perform a complimentary assessment and answer any questions you may have. While we focus on developing a plan of care that supports the best outcome for your child, we also recognize how important it is to always consider your concerns, home setting, and preferences.

The BAYADA care team — which may include nurses and home health aides — are selected to best-match your child’s needs. Our clinical manager is responsible for ensuring that all of your child’s caregivers are thoroughly acclimated to your home and prepared to deliver exceptional, safe care.

Regular, ongoing supervisory visits by the clinical manager further ensure that your child’s needs are continually being met, and adjustments in care can be made as necessary.