Pediatric Clinical Operation’s Managers (PCO)

Pediatric clinical operations managers: mentoring and supporting clinical managers

Because BAYADA Clinical managers play such a pivotal role in delivering a positive, excellent home care experience for our families, we consistently strive to support and mentor them so they can succeed. Working closely with our clinical managers, BAYADA Pediatric Clinical Operations Managers (PCOs) provide ongoing guidance and oversight to ensure consistently high quality service outcomes and program delivery.

Always within arms’ reach for new learning, troubleshooting, assistance, and nurturing, PCOs assist BAYADA Clinical Managers with clinical leadership development, mentoring, and the clinical operational guidance needed to promote sound clinical standards.

BAYADA Pediatrics offers initial and ongoing pediatric clinical leadership, development, training, and guidance to promote sound clinical managers, associates, and educators.

“I love being able to focus on mentoring and developing these managers, helping them to consistently provide excellent care and service to the families we all care so much about!”
—Libby Brady, Pediatric Clinical Operations Manager (PCO)