2017 BAYADA Awards Weekend

Time & Expenses Compensation

Reimbursable Expenses

Submitting Expenses and Free Time to Dine Reminders

Remember that no Saturday evening dining expenses should be submitted for reimbursement. Everyone is receiving Free Time to Dine dinner money ($75). As such, all receipts submitted for dinner will be scrutinized; $75 is the total amount/budget for dinner for each employee, and anything over that amount cannot be submitted for reimbursement. Review the detailed guidelines about submitted Awards Weekend-related expenses: Reimbursable Expenses and Purchase Card Coding Instructions.

FUN Money

FUN Money is incentive money that you can receive if you registered to share a hotel room with another BAYADA employee, and must include Saturday night. The amount of FUN Money is determined by using the following rooming criteria:

Cruising for Cash

Cruising for Cash is incentive money that employees receive if they registered to be a car pool driver or car pool passenger. A car pool is two or more BAYADA employees in a car. See Mileage Regions below and the Awards Weekend portal site for a complete listing of office by region.

Region Miles Driver+1 Driver+2 Driver+3 Driver+4 Each Passenger
Region 1 Up to 50 $20 $30 $40 $50 $10
Region 2 51 - 150 $50 $75 $100 $125 $25
Region 3 151 - 250 $80 $120 $160 $200 $40
Region 4 251 - 400 $120 $180 $240 $300 $60
Region 5 400+ $160 $240 $320 $400 $80

Fly the Money Skies

Gratitude for airfare savings! Average Airfares from various departure cities have been calculated and employees securing lower than average Airfares from these cities will receive 50% of the savings back.

To participate and receive your cash at the Awards Weekend Welcome Desk, it is mandatory to attach your airfare receipts to My Time and Expenses (MT&E) Printout, AND submit/interoffice mail to Kathleen Medlar-AHA, as soon as you ticket, but no later than May 1st to receive cash at the Awards Weekend Welcome Desk. Regardless of participation in this program, all other airline reimbursements must follow the same procedure when submitting for reimbursement. We are requesting airline expense reimbursements be submitted no later than June 1st.

Example: Average Airline Ticket listed at $400.00 from your area: Employee was able to book at $200.00; this employee will receive $100.00 back. Don’t delay; submit your airfare receipts when you purchase your airline tickets. You do not need to wait until Awards Weekend is over.

Questions related to My Time and Expenses or reimbursable expenses should be directed to Kevyn Buttler at or your accounting team:

Due to the volume of attendees and details to track, if you have any questions/clarifications not addressed in the Awards Weekend FAQ’s posted on the portal site, please email Anita Palmer at, preferred and quickest method to reach Anita Palmer.