2017 BAYADA Awards Weekend

Divisional Awards Programs (18 programs)

The Division Name listed on your name tag designates which program you will attend. Please review each program listed below to locate your division name in the program.


Cactus, Birds of Paradise, Stargazer Lily, Wild Rose
Grand Ballroom

Violet, Dandelion, Indigo
Juniper Ballroom

Loews Hotel

Calla Lily, Cosmos, Shamrock, Iris, Peach Blossom, Sycamore
Millennium Ballroom

Daffodil, Azalea, Fire Pink, Flame Lily
Commonwealth Hall CD

Lily of the Valley, King Protea, Bluebell, Jasmine, Freesia, Zinnia
Commonwealth Hall AB


American Elm HH & HC, Aster, Hollyhock, Red Clover, Lilac, Moccasin
Grand Ballroom Salons I-K

Camellia, Firewheel, Ivy, Magnolia, Shooting Star
Franklin Hall 3-5

Cherry Blossom, Day Lily, Apple Blossom, Crocus, Hydrangea, Plumeria
Franklin Hall 11-13

Daisy, Bluebonnet
Grand Ballroom Salons A-B

Desert Star, Bonsai, Ocotillo, Pikake, Morning Glory, Hospital Managed Services
Liberty Ballroom Salon A

Eucalyptus, Sunflower, Sundrop, Foxglove, Peace Lily
Liberty Ballroom Salons B-C

Evergreen, Snapdragon, Petunia, Passion, Red Everlasting
Grand Ballroom Salon E

Forget-Me-Not, Hibiscus, Snowdrop, Medication Management, Philadelphia Division, Tampa Division, Hyacinth
Grand Ballroom Salon G

Mimosa, Dahlia, Palmetto, Headquarters
Independence Ballroom

Olive, Carnation, Gardenia, Primrose, Mountain Laurel
Grand Ballroom Salon F

Phlox, Adult HC Practice Support, Lotus, Communications, Quality and Standards, Orchid
Grand Ballroom Salons C-D

Poppy, Peony
Franklin Hall 1-2

Thrift, Impatiens
Grand Ballroom Salon H