An Open Letter from BAYADA Founder J. Mark Baiada, June 2016June 2016

Our Lasting Legacy Plan to Perpetuate The BAYADA Way
and Protect BAYADA from Ever Being Sold

I passionately believe in our mission and our wonderful BAYADA people. After decades of study, thought, and prayer, I—with the support of my family—have decided to gift BAYADA to a newly created foundation solely dedicated to perpetuating our mission and protecting the company from ever being sold.

We are guided by The BAYADA Way vision and mission. Our vision is to help millions of people worldwide and create a lasting legacy. I believe that BAYADA, owned by a foundation solely dedicated to The BAYADA Way, has the best chance of achieving our 100-year vision and at the same time fulfilling our daily mission of helping people to live with comfort, independence, and dignity in their homes by providing them with compassionate, excellent and reliable care.

For decades, I have turned down countless offers to sell BAYADA. If I sold BAYADA, the new owners’ primary purpose would most likely be to make money. BAYADA’s primary purpose is to care for our clients and honor, respect, and support our employees. The dream of helping millions of people is far more important to me than money.

Many business owners give their companies to their children. I have five caring and accomplished children who could manage BAYADA well. However, my kids are wise and they realize that the third or fourth family generation might ultimately end up selling BAYADA anyway. We agree that the best chance to protect BAYADA from sale or straying from our values is to gift BAYADA to a newly created foundation. Gifting BAYADA to a foundation honors the work of our people by dedicating the company to our mission forever.

On August 17, 2017, I will be 70 years old. On that day, I will officially become chair of the board of the new foundation. My son, David Baiada, currently our Chief Operating Officer of Home Health, Hospice, and Quality, will assume the responsibility of president of BAYADA. David has the values, education, and experience needed for this job. He is committed to making The BAYADA Way come true for millions of people for generations. He has the support of our family and the entire BAYADA team.

This Lasting Legacy Plan will protect and secure our clients’ care, our employees’ jobs, our company, and our special mission. On a day-to-day basis, nothing will change. All of our clients will continue to receive the same high-quality home health care they deserve and have come to expect from us. Our employees will continue to care for clients as they currently do, secure in the knowledge that BAYADA is here to stay.

I am grateful to all who share their belief in and commitment to our vision. Onward and upward!

With warmth and great trust,

Mark Baiada Signature
J. Mark Baiada
Founder and President

Our company philosophy, The BAYADA Way expresses the values and beliefs that have been the foundation of our work since 1975. The words of The BAYADA Way come directly from our clients and their families, and our employees. We believe that our clients come first and our employees are our greatest asset.

Medical or non-medical services that safely support people in the comfort of home.