Referral Partners

BAYADA Home Health Care works collaboratively with our referral partners to help keep their patients safe at home and out of the hospital. Our high-quality care services from trained and skilled RNs and care helpers are customized to ensure that they meet the goals of your care strategies for optimum outcomes.

How do we work together with our partners?

Private physicians: Our nurses have specific expertise in clinical areas such as neurological and orthopedic care. We collaborate with you to develop a plan of care and keep in continued communication to ensure that we are always providing the appropriate care.

Hospital-based physician practices: Once a patient is discharged to our care, we focus on their recovery and keeping them safe at home.

Pharmaceutical companies: We can provide care services for patients undergoing clinical trials or who have been prescribed new medications. Our nurses are trained in medication management and to teach patients how to manage their conditions. Our clinical managers will oversee each case, coordinate care, and follow up with you.

Contact us to find out more about how we partner with you to keep your patients safe at home.