How BAYADA Care Let Mary Stay in Her Assisted Living Community

“I couldn’t have asked for anything better!”
How proper wound care let Mary stay in her assisted living community

bayada client mary in her assisted living home

Since moving into Brandywine Living at Moorestown Estates last year, Mary, 78, couldn’t be happier. She enjoys the ongoing activities, shopping and casino trips, best of all, she loves the interaction with her fellow residents who have become good friends.

Mary, whose husband passed away several years ago, had lived alone in the house where she raised her two children, now grown and on their own.

Although she lived with chronic diabetes for years, she had no trouble getting around. Unfortunately, diabetes put her at increased risk for the stroke that hit last August, landing her in the hospital, and then in a rehabilitation facility where she spent several weeks.

When she returned home, her children visited often to drive her to appointments, and they hired some extra help, but Mary had relatively no contact with others. No longer able to drive on her own, she felt lonely and depressed.

Moving to an assisted living community would ensure she received the care she needed, and the companionship she craved.

Meals at the assisted living community were always occasions to socialize and Mary rarely missed that opportunity. During a routine breakfast, Mary, who uses an electric wheelchair, took a mug, and proceeded to pour herself a cup of coffee. Much to her surprise, the coffee spilled, landing all over her thighs and causing severe third degree burns.

To avoid hospitalization, Mary needed expert nursing care to help her burns heal properly. BAYADA Home Health Care Nurse Jamie Hughes, LPN, began providing wound care for Mary.

“The goal was to help Mary heal from the burn and keep it from getting infected,” explains Jamie. She visited Mary every day for nine weeks to treat the wound, keep it clean and bandaged, and prevent infection. She also ensured Mary’s blood pressure and vital signs were at healthy levels.

In addition, Mary received visits from her BAYADA Case Manager Michelle Edwards, RN, who worked in partnership with Jamie on developing a care plan for Mary.

bayada client mary with her nurse jamie

Diabetes can cause narrow and clogged arteries, limiting blood flow throughout the body. This is what contributed to Mary’s stroke, and why she was at increased risk for developing an infection from the severe burns.

Narrow or clogged arteries can block blood flow, depriving the wound of the oxygen it needs to heal, and leaving the person at high risk for a dangerous wound infection.

“An infection could have forced Mary to leave her home at the assisted living community and spend significant time in the hospital,” says Jamie. “With daily nursing care, she was able to stay in her home, where she wanted to be.”

Mary also benefitted from rehabilitation provided by BAYADA Senior Living Program Manager Eric Dodson, MSPT, CSCS, a physical therapist who is dedicated to working with clients in senior and assisted living communities. “I have no complaints about BAYADA,” says Mary. “Eric, Jamie, and Michelle were great!”

Jamie joined BAYADA five years ago, working as a home health aide while pursing her life-long dream of becoming a nurse. After earning her nursing degree, she began providing home health care nursing to BAYADA clients, a career choice she absolutely loves.

“It is great to have the time to really connect with my clients and to get to know them personally,” she shares. “This work is always interesting, and I meet the nicest people!”

Mary is grateful for Jamie’s care. After two months, the burn has properly healed, and she did not have go into the hospital.

“I love Jamie,” she says. “I couldn’t have asked for anything better!”

For additional resources on diabetes, visit the American Diabetes Association.

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