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“Thanks to Jenn, I’m walking again”
Helping Claire get back to her family with expert physical therapy at home

Claire and Irv

At age 87 and 88, Claire and Irv T. are blessed with a full life and a large and healthy family.

Irv needs no coaxing to brag about his three children, nine grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. Artwork proclaiming him as the “World’s Greatest Pop Pop” is prominently displayed among dozens of photos depicting a lifetime of memories.

He shares brief stories about each, but comes to a halt at the portrait of a World War II era young bride and groom.

“This is my high school sweetheart,” he says, pointing to the photo. “We’ve been married for 68 years and we’re still very fond of each other. We only fight on weekends.”

Claire chuckles at her husband’s remark, a joke she’s heard dozens of times. However, for the past few months, she and Irv had little to laugh about.

A serious fall in her kitchen left Claire with a broken knee. She spent several weeks in a rehabilitation facility unable to put any weight on her leg. The ordeal took a toll on both Claire and her husband.

“Irv was always by my side, but it was hard for him to come to the facility all the time” shares Claire, who couldn’t wait to go home.

Once back in her comfortable apartment, Claire wanted to be out and about, getting around as easily as she had before the fall. However, her injury prevented her from even getting out of her wheelchair.

Without physical therapy, leaving home would be impossible.

Thankfully, BAYADA Home Health Care specializes in recovery care after injury or surgery. “The first goal was to get Claire to walk around her house without any assistance,” explained BAYADA Therapist Jenn Lee, PT, who provided physical therapy three times a week for two months. “We also focused our therapy sessions on helping her get in and out of bed, a task that gave her great difficulty when she first got home.”

The sessions were challenging for Claire, but with Jenn’s guidance and support, she kept up the therapy and gradually, began to improve. Today, Claire is able to walk around her apartment using a walker, without assistance from anyone.

What’s more, she and Irv have been able to resume some of their favorite activities, like going out to lunch and visiting their family.

Jenn, who earned a Master’s degree in physical therapy, joined BAYADA four years ago after working in a hospital-based acute rehabilitation facility.

“Home care was a natural progression for me,” says Jenn. “In the hospital, I treated many patients at a time, but with home care, I enjoy the one-on-one care, and get to spend more time with my clients. It’s a great feeling to know that you are helping to keep your clients out of a rehab or nursing facility, and in a safe environment at home.”

BAYADA client Claire with her PT Jenn

Jenn is thrilled that Claire made such great progress that she no longer needs home-based physical therapy.

“Jenn was lovely, and very nice,” says Claire. “Before she came, I couldn’t even put my leg down. Thanks to her I’m walking again. I’m forever grateful to her.”

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