Client Celebrates 100th Birthday, Living Independently at Home

One hundred years young. There’s likely never been a better example of someone who embodies that sentiment more than BAYADA client Norma C. of Mt. Airy, NC.

Mrs. C., by her own estimation, has had a blessed life as a wife, mother, and pillar of her community. She and her late husband of 47 years—Bishop Eugene Clark—adopted and raised two children, one of whom still lives in the same town as she does; the other in Houston, TX. Devoted parents and people of tremendous faith, the Clarks founded Pentecostal United Holy Church in Mount Airy where Mrs. C. is still active as the Mother of the Church. To her that means, “Caring for not just your family but your community as well. It is about putting God, family, and community before yourself.”

Although Mrs. C. has always led a life of service to others, a few years ago she realized that she was now the one who needed help to ensure she can stay in the comfort and familiar surroundings of the home she has loved for nearly half a century. Always an optimist, she attributes this change in her status to getting “just a little bit older.

Mrs. C.’s muscle weakness and arthritis has made it impossible for her do the simple, everyday tasks she used to do on her own, like taking a shower and getting dressed. After receiving personal care services from another local home care agency, Mrs. C. switched to BAYADA in January 2019. She was matched with BAYADA Home Health Aide Carolyn S., and it became evident almost immediately that Carolyn was the perfect fit for her.

“Carolyn and Norma are laid back and easy to get along with,” says BAYADA office Director Stephanie Z. “They both like to cook, talk about the old days, and share a faith in God that that really connects them. We were confident that they would be a good match from the start—and they have been.”

Mrs. C. couldn’t agree more, “We’re like two peas in a pod.”

Good luck, blessings, and great care

Carolyn cares for Mrs. C. Monday through Friday, helping her get out of bed, showered, dressed and looking her best for the day. “You’re never too old to want to look pretty,” says Carolyn, who takes in pride in helping Mrs. C. feel like the beautiful and vibrant woman she has always been.

Then Carolyn makes her breakfast and helps with various household tasks which keeps life safe and humming along for Mrs. C. Before Carolyn leaves for the day, she prepares lunch and dinner for Mrs. C. to warm up later. According to Mrs. C., “We all need to try Carolyn’s cooking!”

And that says a lot—Mrs. C.’s good cooking was legendary in her younger days, sharing her culinary talents through many years of church dinners and family gatherings.

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Celebrating life’s milestones and blessings has always been important to Mrs. C., so when her 100th birthday was approaching, Carolyn and her BAYADA office team in Foothills, NC knew they had to mark the day in a big way. “It’s just The BAYADA Way,” says Carolyn.

So, on July 22nd, Carolyn and the team surprised her at home with a cake, gifts, and a one-of-kind homemade card with all her favorite candies. More importantly, they showered her with what she values most—love and friendship. And the fact that it was in the home where all her memories and personal treasures are, made it all the more special.

“Celebrating my 100th birthday in my own home is amazing,” shares Mrs. C. “I feel so special because I know most people aren’t as lucky as I’ve been.”