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CHHA: Cruz Sandoval

Middlesex County, NJ (MAC) assistive care
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    From walking through a snowstorm to her clients’ home to providing last-minute, overnight care after working a full day, Cruz is the very definition of a Hero. She is unflappable, kind, and practical, using her boundless energy to care for each member of the Anderson family, all of whom are BAYADA clients.

    Her days begin at 6:00 am when she arrives at the Andersons’ home with a smile on her face. She cares for Billy Anderson, aged 65—who has cerebral palsy and is wheelchair bound—by getting him out of bed, dressed, fed and ready for the day. Recently, she’s also begun to care for Billy’s parents, Bill and Mary Anderson, aged 88 and 82 respectively. She prepares meals for them so they can eat together, as a family, and then gets to work making sure Billy’s space is clean and neat.

    For a few hours each afternoon, Cruz returns home before her evening shift to help prepare Billy for bed. Though it would make sense for her to rest, that’s not the case. During these hours, she cares for her two grandchildren, who live with her and her husband, as their daughter resides outside of the US.

    Sadly, Mrs. Anderson recently passed away. In the midst of their emotional difficulty, Cruz maintained a compassionate, supportive manner. She routinely takes Mr. Anderson shopping to get him out of the house, and pages through old photo albums with Billy and his father as a way to help them cope.

    Though her daily actions are more than enough to make her a Hero, Cruz never hesitates to do the extraordinary for her clients—nor does she view her actions as anything particularly special. On the morning of a severe snowstorm, Cruz walked to the Andersons’ home to ensure the family received the assistance and care they needed to make it through the blizzard. Additionally, just before Mrs. Anderson passed away, she and Mr. Anderson were hospitalized at the same time. Cruz calmly and readily agreed to remain with Billy overnight, even after working a full day shift.

    MAC Associate Director Rebecca Michael recalls, “It’s Friday at 4:00 pm, and Billy’s older brother called with an emergency request for someone to stay with Billy overnight. Internally, I am panicking, but externally, I tell him I will do my very best. As a ‘hail Mary,’ I called Cruz, and she said, ‘Okay, I will stay.’ I asked her again, just to be sure she understood, and she reassured me that she would stay and make sure Billy was fine and comfortable.”

    One of the most extraordinary things Cruz has done occurred in 2005, right after she’d been cleared to assist a mother caring for her infant daughter. The mother was transitioning home after allegations of neglect and abuse regarding her daughter. One morning, Cruz alerted the office that the mother was acting strangely, telling Cruz she could leave, and that she was going to visit the cemetery and take the baby with her.

    With her trademark calm, respectful demeanor, Cruz contacted the office and got into the back seat of the car with the baby. Despite the mother’s insistence she leave, Cruz remained in the car, gently explained that she didn’t want to get fired for leaving, and quietly called the office to keep them updated.

    At the cemetery, Cruz continued to encourage the mother to go home and managed to convince her to leave the baby in her car seat. Eventually, the mother got back into the car and began to drive again, and Cruz received instructions from the police—through the office—to park on a certain corner. In the end, the police were able to monitor and manage the situation because of Cruz’s courageousness, determination, and quick thinking.

    Though she’s clearly one-of-a-kind, Cruz remains humble and chalks all of her incredible actions up to simply doing her job. It’s okay though—her office team loves to share stories about this incredible woman.

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LPN: Elizabeth Gouldey

Jamison, PA adult nursing (JMS)
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    Finely honed medical expertise is necessary to being a nurse, while love, kindness, determination, and confidence are necessary to being a Hero.

    Liz is the perfect combination of both.

    Just eight months after being hired, she received the Remarkable Rookie Award for her skill, commitment, and flexibility. She’s the definition of a team player who checks in with her office often, even texting Director Jennifer Osmanaj during a blizzard to ask if all of the clients were covered and if she could help.

    Liz is an expert on each of her clients, and continuously researches the best way to approach each problem she encounters. Her ventilation and tracheostomy certification make her the perfect candidate to take on some of the toughest cases—including clients who have had strokes, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injuries, shaken baby syndrome, and seven clients with ALS.

    She picks up extra shifts, flexes her hours, offers insight on scheduling for better coverage, expertly precepts new nurses, and always arrives at her clients’ homes on time—even in the worst weather. Liz’s priority is her clients, and she’s always thinking about them and what can be done to help them better.

    Though essential to her clients’ welfare, Liz’s nursing skill is just a small portion of what makes her a great nurse. Her clients have described her as “a best friend coming to visit” because she has a wonderful sense of humor and strives to bring light and laughter into each home. From refilling BAYADA client Jim Cassidy’s birdfeeder to bringing treats to his pets, she stretches well outside of the box of medical treatment to care for the whole person.

    In fact, Client Services Manager Christine Plunkett shares, “We knew right from the start just how special she was. Every client, and I mean every client, we have sent her to in the last five years has absolutely adored her—and it is easy to see why. She brings a sense of comfort, ease, and humor into every household, and helps set minds at ease when faced with devastating diagnoses."

    No matter how difficult a situation, Liz always sees the good, and puts her heart and soul into providing care. Jim Cassidy, who Liz has served since 2013, is a gentleman with ALS who is ventilator dependent.

    His wife shares, "Boy, were we lucky to have Liz assigned to my husband's case! She came with the right skill set, and was very receptive to my husband's way of doing things. She makes us laugh. Her sense of humor is priceless. It's like a best friend coming to visit."

    Jim agrees, adding, "I could go all day and not have to mention a thing, and would know I'd be taken care of fully." Christine believes that's because Liz is a "clinical expert, always researching the best way to approach a problem, and knowing every nuance of each client's care."

    For another client, Miranda Page, a 21-year-old young woman with cerebral palsy and obsessive-compulsive disorder, Liz is very skilled at helping to calm her anxieties and redirect her focus. Miranda especially likes Liz's good personality and her, "Hi, girlfriend!" greeting every time she visits. Liz always offers creative ideas for how Miranda can manage and overcome her frustrations.

    "Whether it is rearranging her schedule to accommodate a client's schedule, training new nurses, or bringing treats for a family pet, Liz's unwavering dedication and willingness to help any client is what makes her a Hero to all who know her," says Christine.

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RN: Mathew Gunkel

Mt. Laurel, NJ Pediatrics (MLP)
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    Underneath Mat’s quiet demeanor lies a true client advocate. He imparts care with skill, knowledge, and confidence, never hesitating to attend classes or conferences to ensure he understands exactly how to care for his young clients.

    In fact, Clinical Manager Chantel Denny asserts, "Mat is every clinical manager's dream employee. He gives 200% of himself to ensure his clients get the best care possible and everything they need to ensure their health and dignity while in the comfort of their own home."

    Of his main clients, each set of parents describes Mat in the same words—humble, knowledgeable, determined, and kind. Together, these characteristics have helped him change minds about home care, and change lives for the better.

    Mat began working for MLP in 2012, and has clocked 11,000 hours since then. One of his first clients, Gavin Eilers, had medical needs stemming from shaken baby syndrome, and his parents were enmeshed in the stress and complexity of adopting him to keep him safe. Before BAYADA—and before Mat—Gavin’s mother Valerie was certain private duty nursing wouldn’t work for them. Previously, it only brought more stress into an already difficult situation.

    However, Mat was different, as Valerie shares, “He was so conscientious about really understanding Gavin. He was the best balance of professionalism without making it seem awkward or uncomfortable to have a stranger in our home. He executed whatever requests I made with no questions asked and applied himself to making Gavin's day fun, safe, healthy, and productive. Mat helped Gavin at school without ever making his presence or the care he was providing a distraction from his therapies and school work.”

    In the end, Valerie changed her mind about home health care, and was thankful for Mat’s help even as the Eiler family went through the process to adopt Gavin’s younger biological brother.

    It’s clearly in Mat’s nature to go the extra mile and make sure his clients are not just healthy, but thriving. In early 2017, he noted that teen client Dominic Stratton had outgrown his adaptive bicycle—a source of entertainment and exercise essential to managing his medical condition. Though a new bike cost about $5,000, Mat decided to raise the money through a GoFundMe page.

    Months of campaigning to family, friends, local businesses, and even outreach to a local news station resulted in a new bike being in Dominic’s hands by May 2017. Through it all, Mat asserted that this was simply part of Dominic’s care. This attitude carries through for each of his clients.

    2017 RN Hero of the Year Rachel Gotshall shares, “I have had the pleasure of working with Mat since 2014. We both work with Austin Cook, and I had the opportunity to orient Mat to his school routine. Mat is empathetic, compassionate, caring, and dedicated.

    “When working a shift after Mat, everything is in order with clear communication concerning all of Austin’s needs. Mat has developed a beautiful relationship with Austin and his family. He attends his birthday parties and helps celebrate a year of great memories and hard work. Mat takes the time to play with Austin and bond with him, which allows the client to be cared for, not just his medical needs. Mat is an exceptional nurse and a warm, loving human being.”

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PT: Kerri Tuttle

Sierra Vista, AZ home health (SVV)
Tucson, AZ Senior Living (TUF)
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    When Kerri joined SVV in 2015, she quickly impressed Director Brandy Owen as a support system like no other. Brandy explains, "Kerri has always been a guardian of The BAYADA Way, which is expressed through her calm nature and helpful attitude."

    First and foremost, Kerri provides excellent care with deftness and a kind of “magic” that wins over even the most challenging clients.

    One client proved such a challenge that her primary care physician asked her to find a new doctor. SVV was unsure if they could help this person, but they wanted to try one more time. Kerri turned out to be the key to this client’s care. The client not only gave Kerri an unsolicited high five, she also shared that Kerri is “delightful and very good at her job.” High praise from this client!

    Another client, who had also come and gone from BAYADA several times, had depression and was morbidly obese, which made it difficult for her to maintain a consistent PT routine. Kerri once again powered through, met the client where she was, and helped her thrive.

    Client Larry Tucker was also very appreciative of Kerri’s expertise, sharing, "She created a specific exercise regime to fit my needs for improvement, often checked my back for proper alignment, and adjusted to help me feel my best."

    Brandy believes Kerri also stands out as a lead therapist. She learned her role completely in a very short time, and helped other therapists achieve success. For the past year, Kerri has been a preceptor, and helps to establish the foundation of her office's training.

    "Kerri not only focuses on therapy, but is great at cross-discipline education and interdisciplinary leadership. She has been a fantastic resource and goes out of her way to learn the most current issues and treatments. She also helps to promote innovation and new practices in the home health setting."

    MSW Stephanie Tyson, who Kerri trained, says, "When I joined BAYADA, Kerri was my preceptor. She helped me integrate easily into the interdisciplinary team, and her great communication made me feel comfortable. Every time I walk into a client's home where Kerri was involved, it has solidified my choice in working for BAYADA, because of the experience each client had working with her."

    Another client shared that Kerri was part of a team of three BAYADA caregivers who cared for her mother, referred to as "The Triple Ks." Kerri was considered a triple K not only because of her name, but because she is totally knowledgeable, genuinely kindhearted, and a definite keeper!

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Celebrating 35 Years

Maryann Kinsley

Philadelphia (PHI) Office Manager
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    I love what I do because… I achieve satisfaction in knowing I've done my best in not only the quality of my work, but also in having a cohesive relationship with my coworkers.

    Key Action that most resonates with me… David spoke about being creative, flexible, and determined to get the job done in one of his Key Actions. It reminded me of a recent experience of my own. During the morning of the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl celebration, I could not get across Broad Street to reach the office. That didn't stop me, though. It took me 30 minutes to walk from Walnut Street to Locust Street—which is only one block away—while almost being smothered by everyone around me, including people going in the opposite direction! I finally made it to Locust Street and again, tried to cross Broad Street, but the police had gates up and no one could enter. I had to return home to South Philadelphia and wait until the last Eagles bus left that part of the city, which was about 1:30 pm. I was finally able to cross Broad Street and make it to the office. It took a while, but I was determined to make it, no matter how long I had to wait.

    A BAYADA moment I will always remember is… well, there are two BAYADA moments I will always remember. I had the honor of being invited to Mark and Ann's wedding at the Bellevue Hotel many years ago. It was spectacular, elegant, beautiful, and most memorable. I will always remember the venue but will especially treasure the commitment Mark and Ann made to each other that day. Another moment, just as glorious, was the renewal of their vows just a few years ago. Again, I was so honored to be invited to this occasion. Having it take place at the Bellevue was so fitting and witnessing their commitment to each other after all these years was just as memorable as the first time. BAYADA has made me feel like a member of the family, and these two events are BAYADA moments I will always treasure.

    What keeps me at BAYADA… my belief that we provide home health care services that are the very best option for individuals to stay in their own homes rather than being institutionalized. I believe that a person thrives and does much better when they can reside within familiar surroundings around loved ones.

    Some of my greatest accomplishments at BAYADA include… I don't know that I've achieved "mind-blowing" accomplishments over the last 36 years at BAYADA, but I know that I do my best each day to attain what is set before me. At the end of each day, I gave my best to not only BAYADA as a whole, but to my co-workers who depend upon me. Therefore, my greatest accomplishment has been a day-to-day "grit"; ie, to stay the course each day for 36 years, from the moment I step into the office until I leave.

    My hidden talent/favorite hobby/interest is… watching scary movies, but not being able to go to bed right away. It's like I want to see them, but I don't want to remember what I saw! I know that doesn't make sense, but it's like the roller coaster ride that you know will be terrifying, but you just have to go on the ride!

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Celebrating 30 Years

Anna Anderson

Morris County, NJ Adult Nursing (MAN) Client Services Manager
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    I love what I do because… I love working in an industry that makes peoples' lives better.

    Key Action that most resonates with me… be creative, flexible, and determined—get the job done for our clients. We are a client-focused company. We go the extra mile, exceed expectations, and provide excellent customer service.

    A BAYADA moment I will always remember is… I am very proud that—the year after Linda herself received it—I was the first recipient of the Linda Siessel Award.

    What keeps me at BAYADA… BAYADA is a great company. The work is challenging and meaningful, and I feel appreciated and valued.

    Some of my greatest accomplishments at BAYADA include… I am ranked as one of the top CSMs in the company, a member of MaPP, and I participate in the panel for new employee training.

    My hidden talent/favorite hobby/interest is… I enjoy yoga and tennis.

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Celebrating 25 Years

Michelle Cashwell

Home Care Technology (HCT) Senior Manager
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    I love what I do because… of the people I work with. I have had the opportunity to work with so many kind, thoughtful, smart and talented people. Every day I am greeted with warm smiles and positive attitudes to tackle the day. I truly feel the love when I come to work.

    Key Action that most resonates with me… be respectful. Treat others the way they wish to be treated. This has really made me reflect, as I have always said “treat others the way you wish to be treated,” but there truly is a difference.

    A BAYADA moment I will always remember is… Awards Weekend 2011 and the Acres of Diamonds speech with the lights of love was truly magical!

    What keeps me at BAYADA… are the core values of The BAYADA Way. I truly do love what I do and the people I work with.

    Some of my greatest accomplishments at BAYADA include… these include purchasing the first PC at BAYADA; rolling out status automation (which was the longest project ever!); implementing employee compliance (page 8 was my vision, and with help from many people we were able to make it come true!); supporting everything Home Care (I couldn’t do it without our HCT team and HCS and pilot offices MHA, HWS and HPA!).

    My hidden talent/favorite hobby/interest is… spending time with my family and walking my dog Zoey. I also enjoy working out, girls’ night out, and I love my television shows—which include Grey’s Anatomy, Chicago Fire, and Chicago Med.

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Angela Curcio

Willow Grove, PA Pediatrics (WGP) Director
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    I love what I do because… there is no greater gift than giving one’s time, and using your abilities to make a difference in another person’s life.

    Key Action that most resonates with me… work with a universal spirit of faith, hope and love.

    A BAYADA moment I will always remember is… last year, on the day we celebrated Mark’s 70th birthday, his transition to chairman, and David’s stepping into the CEO role. It was such an emotional, historical moment.

    What keeps me at BAYADA… The BAYADA Way

    Some of my greatest accomplishments at BAYADA include… I was a member of the Nurse Residency Taskforce Team, which helped develop framework for the Nurse Residency program. WG was also a pilot office for that program, the SIM lab program, and was a clinical rotation site for LaSalle University nursing students. In 2014, I was a Linda Siessel Award nominee, and a Dove Award Recipient. I also facilitate CORE during new employee welcome training, and am a MaPP Mentor.

    My hidden talent/favorite hobby/interest is… I enjoy the outdoors, reading, running, and have a great love of history, art, and music.

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Werner Hoppe

Headquarters (HQ) Division Director
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    I love what I do because… I always wanted to be with the best. I found Mark Baiada during Christmas week 1992 while living in Moorestown, NJ. After several lunch meetings, we both felt that we should work together because we are both health care experts and we are accustomed to building. After 25 years, it is time for me to bow out, but still help where I can.

    Key Action that most resonates with me… observe, assist, evaluate, act, build!

    A BAYADA moment I will always remember is… at the beginning of one of our biggest conferences, Mark appears from the highest point, and glides over the crowd, landing safely.

    What keeps me at BAYADA… we have a group of dedicated health care professionals ready to jump when the call comes to rescue and heal.

    Some of my greatest accomplishments at BAYADA include… I basically never missed a day of work, establishing friendly and lasting relationships. I was always on call ready to serve and assist, and I’m successful at organizing interesting and challenging trainings. One-on-one trainings with all individuals had a great impact and was highly valued and appreciated.

    My hidden talent is… all of the things I’ve accomplished, including producing our Orientation, Excellence, and Freedom on the River videos; setting up the first billboard in Philadelphia; establishing BAYADA University in 2001; founded the Tickle Me Elmo and Kermit Awards; increased offices from 4-46; increased billings from $177,800/wk to 3.4 million per week; established the Mayor of Health Care Award; and heavy involvement in the First Pediatric Expo-ALL-LAN-PHI.

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Cheryl Kendra

Office of Culture and Values (TBW) Senior Associate
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    I love what I do because… our work has a noble purpose.

    Key Action that most resonates with me… recognize and reward those who set and maintain the highest standards of excellence. Everyone deserves to feel valued and appreciated.

    A BAYADA moment I will always remember is… being entertained by a belly dancer while eating a Middle Eastern dinner beside Mark and BAYADA Kosovo volunteers.

    What keeps me at BAYADA… the people who are equally committed to our mission and vision.

    Some of my greatest accomplishments at BAYADA include… coordinating humanitarian relief efforts in Kosovo and Haiti.

    My hidden talent/favorite hobby/interest is… finding peace and finding myself while getting lost in nature on a good hike.

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Paulette Price

Philadelphia, PA Field Recruiting (PFR) Clinical Manager
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    I love what I do because… I am extremely fortunate to have seen the impact BAYADA has made on clients and their families over the last 25 years by keeping clients at home through providing consistent, reliable care.

    Key Action that most resonates with me… keep commitments as promised. A memory that resonates very deeply involves an HHA in the former UC office who has cared for the same client for nearly 25 years with extremely few callouts. This demonstrates to me that, when we take the time to make the correct aide/client match, miracles can indeed happen.

    A BAYADA moment I will always remember is… for me, there are two. The first is when Mark called me on my first birthday after starting at BAYADA. On hanging up, I remember sitting at my desk thinking wow, Mark Baiada just called me!

    The second happened many years ago, when I had a scheduled appointment to visit a client. Gale-force winds and a torrential downpour made me about 10 minutes late. As the client opened the door his first comment was, “Wow, just like the commercial!” The BAYADA television commercial had aired many years before that visit—and he remembered it.

    What keeps me at BAYADA… the many, absolutely wonderful aides that I have been blessed to work with over the years. Most probably couldn’t recite our core values, but truly live them in their hearts.

    Some of my greatest accomplishments at BAYADA include… running into older aide during annual skill appraisal who demonstrated exceptional skills. I asked them if they had gone through the BAYADA class-to-hire. They said, “Yes, and it was you who taught me.”

    My hidden talent/favorite hobby/interest is… whenever I’d visit my son in Maryland, he always asked me, “Okay, Mom, time to ride the Harley?” My standard answer was, “No, not this visit.” However a few years ago, I said, “Okay, where’s my helmet?” which was a big shock to him! A 20 minute ride turned into 4 hours, and the passion I developed for motorcycles led to my office nickname, Biker Babe.

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Renee Rivera

Morris County, NJ Adult Nursing (MAN) Clinical Manager
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    I love what I do because… it’s so rewarding to have the ability to make a difference in someone’s life.

    Key Action that most resonates with me… fulfill our clients’ needs promptly and thoroughly.

    A BAYADA moment I will always remember is… the awards ceremonies with all the thoughtful gifts and treats for all the attendees.

    What keeps me at BAYADA… BAYADA’s commitment to excellence. I am proud to work where I do. I work with great coworkers and a director who combine hard work with lighthearted humor.

    Some of my greatest accomplishments at BAYADA include… 25 years of service! I’m also proud of being able to overcome insurance obstacles to provide clients with nursing care, specialty beds, power wheel chairs, and other equipment/supplies.

    My hidden talent/favorite hobby/interest is… teaching Sunday school for first, second and third graders.

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Jill Romoff

Cherry Hill, NJ (CH) Client Services Manager
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    I love what I do because… I find it very rewarding to help people stay in their homes and be with their families. A family caregiver’s role is very challenging, and being able to positively impact their daily lives is so fulfilling. Bringing home new clients is indescribable—everyone working together to care for our clients is what makes BAYADA such a special place.

    Key Action that most resonates with me… demonstrate honesty, commitment, and loyalty. Loyalty is especially important to me. I always try to keep the same nurses in clients’ homes, so that clients know and are comfortable with them. Also, owning your mistakes and apologizing for them is the only way to go; I feel people appreciate honesty.

    A BAYADA moment I will always remember is… the many lives I have helped over my 25 years. The best feeling is when a client or family personally takes the time to express how thankful they were to have our nurses in their lives. Being a CSM can be challenging, and I am thankful to be a part of such an amazing company who has built a strong, reputable name for itself to help our clients and their families.

    What keeps me at BAYADA… I love helping our clients and working for an amazing company that cares for people and the community. Most of all, I have met and worked with a lot of people who have always supported me at work and personally—they are my family. The relationships I’ve formed with my BAYADA family mean the world to me. This is a tough job, sometimes, and you need a strong, supportive team to help you get through the challenging days.

    Some of my greatest accomplishments at BAYADA include… I have supported almost 1500 clients and their families as they retain their home life with comfort, independence, and dignity!

    My hidden talent/favorite hobby/interest is… I love to read a great book on the beach.

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Barbara Sinclair

Employee Claims and Safety (EMP) Supervisor
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    I love what I do because… of the people and BAYADA’s core values! I know am helping BAYADA’s family of support and service offices. The people here have and continue to guide, support and impart their knowledge to me. You are never too old to learn from others. Communicating and interacting with colleagues in my own office, and in support and service offices intrinsically weaves The BAYADA Way into my work day. And there’s an upside…you can’t help but allow those values to overflow into your personal life of family and friends.

    Key Actions that most resonate with me… understand others’ perspectives and focus on both facts and feelings. To me these go hand-in-hand. Feelings have a way of shaping one’s perception, but by being empathetic with an open mind, truly listening, and gathering facts help me provide the best support I can to others.

    A BAYADA moment I will always remember is… moment? There are so many! Interviewing with Mark, followed swiftly by my first holiday party two months later at the Mansion and seeing Mark come on stage in a dress and heels! The BAYADA Regatta, and remembering all of my initial coworkers at 290 Chester Avenue who answered all of my daily questions and guided me with so much kindness. Getting to see first-hand when Mark and Ann continuously demonstrated our values came from, and that you must have fun!

    What keeps me at BAYADA… the people; I love what I do.

    Some of my greatest accomplishments at BAYADA include… assisting Accounting in researching the NC Medicaid programs to determine accurate billing process—initially, I felt like a fish out of water but Kathy Reavy, Joanne Wilson and Tom Mylet believed in me; reducing BAYADA’s state unemployment tax rates after working with Cheryl Kendra who developed an unemployment program/process for BAYADA; having the opportunity to work with and mentor my fantastic coworkers, Brielle and Alexis.

    My hidden talent/favorite hobby/interest is… I truly enjoy the outdoors and love gardening, hiking, and camping. I play the organ, and dabble in crochet and embroidery. Also—as my teammate Brielle states—I enjoy researching any and everything!

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Laura Workman

Peach Blossom Division Director
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    I love what I do because… I feel I make a difference in someone’s life every day, whether it’s a client or BAYADA employee. Cultivating others’ strengths inspires and motivates me.

    Key Action that most resonates with me… listen closely, show empathy, and respond to the needs of others.

    A BAYADA moment I will always remember is… the famous prank Mark played on Ann in Florida on April Fool’s Day when he got arrested at the Pajama Party!

    What keeps me at BAYADA… the large number of people who are like-minded, sincere and mission-driven.

    Some of my greatest accomplishments at BAYADA include… having the privilege to grow with this company from a field nurse to division director.

    My hidden talent/favorite hobby/interest is… cooking and gardening. I love the concept of farm to table.

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Celebrating 20 Years

Celebrating 15 Years

Celebrating 10 Years

Celebrating 5 Years

  • Ann Baiada Award Nominees

  • Dayana Abreu Clinical Manager Hackensack, NJ Pediatrics (HP)
  • Marsha Armstrong Clinical Manager Shelby, NC (SHE) assistive care
  • Elizabeth Brady Pediatric Clinical Operations Manager Petunia-Snapdragon Transitional Care (PSG)
  • Lona Brostoski Clinical Manager Habilitation PA (HPA)
  • Lauren Cauwels Clinical Manager North Atlanta, GA Pediatrics (NAP)
  • Cindy Cavaco Clinical Manager Raleigh Durham, NC Senior Living (RDF)
  • Estella Chisholm Clinical Manager Raleigh, NC (RAN) adult nursing
  • Lisa Cunliffe Clinical Manager Lancaster, PA Pediatrics (LAN)
  • Chantel Denny Clinical Manager Mt Laurel, NJ Pediatrics (MLP)
  • Vickie Deyton Clinical Manager Shelby, NC (SHE) assistive care
  • Lisa Elliott Pediatric Clinical Operations Manager Indianapolis, IN Pediatrics (INP)
  • Diane Fitzpatrick Clinical Manager North Brunswick, NJ Pediatrics (NBP)
  • Carolyn Fontana Clinical Operations Manager Stargazer Lily Division
  • Cheryl Foote Clinical Manager Charlotte, NC (CHA/CAN) adult nursing
  • Brandi Gerig Clinical Manager Lancaster, PA Pediatrics (LAN)
  • Cristina Gomes Clinical Educator Rhode Island (RIS) adult nursing and pediatrics
  • Catherine Hessemer Clinical Manager Garden City, NY (GCS) adult nursing and pediatrics
  • Jeanette Leavitt Clinical Manager Vermont Hospice (VTH)
  • Nancy Lonergan Clinical Manager New York City, NY (NYC) adult nursing and Garden City, NY (GCS) adult nursing and pediatrics
  • Karen Mercy Pediatric Clinical Operations Manager Snapdragon Division
  • Leah Plount Clinical Manager Greensboro, NC Pediatrics (GRP)
  • Dan Rush Manager, Support Services Birds of Paradise and Trillium Division
  • Karey Sigmund Clinical Manager Pediatric Cherry Hill, NJ (PCH)
  • Dave Sookhai Clinical Manager Suffolk County, NY (SCS) adult nursing and pediatrics
  • Wendy Tomechak Clinical Educator Indiana County, PA Pediatrics (ICP)
  • Linda Siessel Award Nominees

  • Jaime Beaky Washington Township, NJ Pediatrics (WTP)
  • Ashley Darnley Cosmos Division
  • Jaime Farmer Fort Collins, CO Home Health (FVC)
  • Janie Fierro Tuscon East, AZ (TEA) assistive care
  • Denise Frick Salisbury, NC (SAL) assistive care
  • Holly Mock Indiana County, PA Pediatrics (ICP)
  • Sharon Mrozinski Camellia Division
  • Jennifer Parham Asheville, NC Pediatrics (AP)
  • Jennifer Pence Burlington County, NJ (BCS) adult nursing
  • Hannah Reynolds Morning Glory Division
  • Kimberly Schiernbeck Maui, HI Home Health (MAV)
  • Charlene Scott Media, PA Home Health (MEV)
  • Judy Sheets Winston-Salem, NC (WAN) adult nursing
  • Taylor Skousen Pediatric Cherry Hill, NJ (PCH)
  • Desislava Terzieva-Zsilavecz East Stroudsburg, PA (ESA) adult nursing and assistive care
  • Rebecca Veira Rhode Island (RIS) adult nursing, pediatrics, and staffing
  • Jessica Walker North Atlanta, GA Pediatrics (NAP)